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About Infinity Luthiers
Infinity Luthiers is currently operated in Springfield, Illinois by Chris Oliver.

Chris has been working with wood in one way or another since his childhood. In Chris' first woodworking business, CM Oliver Woodworking and Design, based in Springfield, Illinois, Chris gained local notoriety and was steadily becoming an area choice for one-of-a-kind furniture, design and restoration. In spite of growing success Chris moved to an alternate area of wood construction and design. Combining his love of music and woodworking Chris now offers stringed instrument design, construction, repair and restoration. Chris' current guitars are deep with clarity and power for Bluegrass and acoustic musicians and his mandolins sing out the Old Time sounds. While respecting traditional design and construction techniques, Chris pushes the status quo to create traditional and visually unique instruments; all beautifully voiced.

Infinity Luthiers as a business has a few modest goals. Becoming the premiere luthier shop on the block is the first. Our intent is to not only offer our custom built instruments but to provide repair and restoration services and offer high-end instruments on consignment. The shop will be open by appointment only as time allows. In addition, select import and special domestic woods will be available for local craftsmen. Again, viewing will be by appointment only.

Follow our blog or facebook page to find events that we will be attending and/or displaying our instruments.

Resawing lumber. Playing the Montrose Saloon.
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