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Les Paul Custom Blonde Top.
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Fitting a bridge to a F5 Mandolin
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Fretboard and Fret Wear
Infinity Luthiers Repair Services
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Now that we have finished with all the good intentions and disclaimers, please review our price estimates for several 'typical' repairs and modifications. Please note, these are estimates only and may change at any time at our discretion. All prices, whether estimated in the tables below or not, will be determined during evaluation of the instrument and additional expense may be added as work is in progress.

Guitar Repair Price Estimates
Re-string (not including strings -no other work)
Reset Neck (dovetail)
Partial Refret
$50/1st + $15/each
Full Refret
Partial Refret (bound fretboard)
$60/1st + $20/each
Full Refret (bound fretboard)
Re-Crown and polish
New Bone Bridge Pins, includes bridge slotting
Widen Saddle Slot
Fill and Re-cut Saddle Slot
Set Intonation
Bridge Plate Replacement
Bridge Plate bridge pin holes repair
Bridge Replacement w/bone saddle
$105 + cost of bridge
New Bone Nut and setup
New Bone saddle and setup
Install Strap Button
Mandolin Repair Price Estimates
Most prices will be inline with the above guitar repair estimates.
Re-string (not including strings -no other work)
Set Intonation
Bridge Replacement
$20 + cost of bridge
Fit Bridge to Top
Tailpiece Replacement
$25 + cost of tailpiece
New Bone or Pearl Nut and setup

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Martin D-28 Dovetail Mortice.
Re-setting a 1949 Martin D-28 neck.